One Source For All Governmental Consulting Needs

PM Consultants was established in 2006 to provide all aspects of consulting to Municipal and County  Governments.  We have assembled a team of professionals to assist governmental entities moving forward in the right direction.

Our Commitment

At PM Consultants, we treat our clients with courtesy and integrity. We guarantee efficient, honest service that achieves remarkable results. Our years of experience and notable expertise ensure that your government operations are in good hands.

Our Record

Our consistent track record of uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust. We use cutting edge technologies to ensure up to the minute information from the financial world. This allows us to respond quickly, and give you the most relevant information and perspectives.

Professional Testimony

 Is your government entity negotiating with bargaining units? PM Consultants can provide expert testimony to defend your financial position from initial negotiations through arbitration. Our team of professional financial experts will analyze your current financial position and find solutions to settle contracts quicker with a better economic result for years to come.

Key Positions


Chief Financial Officer

Tax Collector

Tax Assessor

Municipal Clerk