Resources Available:


Temporary to permanent placement for professionals who have the proven track record to bring results at the top of the administrative branch of government.  If your agency is in the process of negotiating with bargaining units, having a trained administrator on hand to negotiate contracts can be a huge savings for future years. 

Chief Financial Officer

The CFO of a county or municipality is responsible for maintaining the financial records of the agency. Having the top professional in place as CFO can be invaluable to the financial health of the entity. A certified CFO can prepare the Annual Financial Statement, Budget, Annual Debt Statement, and Supplemental Debt Statement. Besides maintaining the financial records, a CFO will also make sure that the agency is in compliance with regulations as promulgated by the Division of Local Governmental Services. 

Tax Collector

 The Certified Tax Collector is responsible to collection of tax levies and municipal charges. Due to various circumstances, a need may arise for temporary or permanent  tax collector. PM Consultants has the resources to provide the best in the business to keep your tax office working strong. 

Tax Assessor

 A Certified Tax Assessor is responsible for the proper assessment and maintenance of real estate values for your municipality. If your assessor requires additional help, we can provide the professionals to get the project completed. 

Budget Officer

Due to the complexities of various county and municipal budgets, our Budget Officer can help your agency prepare multi year budgets to help plan for 3-5 years into the future. Best practices dictates that a forcast of future year's budgets should be prepared to help the agency forcast trends in expenditures along with revenues to balance the spending plan. 

Fixed Asset Inventory

 Have you been frustrated asking your departments for an inventory of their vehicles, heavy equipment, or office equipment? Our rapid response inventory team can be dispatched to conduct a fixed asset inventory for all or specific pieces of equipment.

Technology Consultants

 With state regulations and best practices in place to provide up to date financial information for public dissemination, it is more important than ever to have qualified professions on hand to maintain your online presence. Our consultants will establish a "financial library" with all information that is important to your agency. An example of a financial library in place is:  Lending institutions need to see historic financial information in order to decide to lend money. This one stop site provides this needed information. 

Other Professional Services

 PM Consultants has the following professionals available to help you with your needs: Purchasing Agent, Personnel Supervisor, Payroll Supervisor, Accounting Clerk. 

Professional Studies and Reviews

 Need a staffing or efficiency study of your government organization? We have the team you need to review, analyze, and present recommendations to make your organization work more efficiently and save tax dollars.